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Narrative Samples

In addition to making documentary or “real person” videos, which focus on communicating information, Terry Lamb also creates narrative film/videos, which focus on communicating feelings in a fictional story. He is the founder and co-producer of the Internet series “Encounters on Earth” – a showcase for actors, writers, and production people of the San Francisco Bay Area. Below are links to a few of the videos in this series, as well as to trailers for several short films Terry wrote and directed.

Encounters on Earth: “Mother Love”

Lottie roams the streets at night, trying to re-connect with her estranged daughter.

Encounters on Earth: “Come About”

A strange man shows up at Jennifer’s office and knows more about her dead husband than he should.

Encounters on Earth: “Oxygen”

An old man is unconscious in a hospital bed, or so think the couple that are trying to make love in the next bed.

Encounters on Earth: “Lie With Me”

Karina breaks up with Mel and leaves Mel wondering what to have for dinner.

Encounters on Earth: “Shaker”

After connecting on the Internet, Louise and Chuck are meeting for the first time in a tiki bar.

American Soil (trailer)

An African-American family has to confront evidence of an old unsolved murder in a rural White area.

Laura of My Dreams (trailer)

Winston and Laura are strangers in a strange land. Can their fantasy romance become real?

Videographer: Terry Lamb,, 510-684-4982