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Everybody has a story. Every story is unique.

sample videos

Encounters on Earth - American Soil Encounters on Earth - Oxygen Encounters on Earth - Mother Love Central Works Theater Ensemble Singing Through Darkness Solano Copy Center Travels with Music

Clients want to do business with someone they know and trust.

Video on the Internet is a great way to start a business relationship.

Stories are how all people connect with each other, from high-tech engineers to backyard neighbors.  Stories communicate information as well as feelings.  And your story is unique to you, making you different from everyone else.  Telling your story on the Internet is a powerful way for you to connect with potential clients and to differentiate your service from that of other providers.

Video is a dynamic window through which you can tell your unique story and make connection with the audience you want to reach.  And, Terry Lamb of Videosyncracy is a unique videographer located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He is not only a long-time video producer and editor, he is also a public speaking coach and an acting coach.  He is an expert in helping you tell your story in a comfortable and compelling way through the Window of Video using video storytelling. View video portfolio.