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Video Storytelling

Video Storytelling

Telling stories through the Window of Video can be as simple as pointing a cell phone at someone and as complex as crafting a Hollywood movie. Terry Lamb has experience in many types of productions throughout that range of complexity.  Fortunately, most people who use video as a communication tool only need to operate toward the simpler end of that range. Through the work of Terry Lamb and Videosyncracy, you can have a professionally-produced video that speaks to your intended audience, either on the Internet or on a DVD, with just a few hours or a few days or a few weeks of effort, depending on the size of your project.

Below are listed the general elements that go into a professional video production. Depending on your individual requirements, any one or any combination of these elements can be employed to give you what you need. The elements are introduced here to give you a general background for discussing your project with us. All of these elements are within the services available from Videosyncracy.

Videographer: Terry Lamb,, 510-684-4982


Usually, writing a script that is appropriate for video production requires some research into the client’s subject matter, and so the two elements of Pre-Production – although being distinct activities – are listed together here. The communication that is video is generally more about pictures than about words, although both are important, and writing for video usually means taking the client’s information, discovered through interviews and other research, and translating it as much as possible into pictures, that are appropriately supported by the words.


To personalize the communication, clients often tell their own story on-camera and are often the best representatives of their service. (Professional actors are certainly available through Videosyncracy, but using them involves a different magnitude of production. We will be happy to discuss the possibility of using actors if you like.) Non-actors are not necessarily experienced or comfortable with on-camera presentation, and so Terry Lamb, as a professional speaking coach, can work with those who want to speak through video to help them tell their story in a relaxed, conversational, and compelling way.

Videographer: Terry Lamb,, 510-684-4982


Part of the picturing of the client’s story is finding the right location and the right elements within that location. The setting needs to be comfortable for the speaker, and it needs also to communicate a feeling to the viewer.  Location scouting is often part of Pre-Production for a professional video shoot.


What happens before recording (Pre-Production) and what happens after recording (Post-Production) usually take the greatest amount of time in crafting a video. However, the recording itself (Production) is the most intense and focused time and usually involves the greatest number of people, who are all dedicated at that moment to getting the communication recorded in an effective manner. Setting up shots and rehearsing how the pieces are to be crafted during the Production phase help ensure that good recordings are available for putting together into a finished product in the editing phase (Post-Production).

Videographer: Terry Lamb,, 510-684-4982


Video editing can be thought of more or less like word processing with pictures and sounds. Many resources are brought together and manipulated in the computer software to create a coherent video story that flows from beginning to end. And, as in the case of word processing, bits of the video program can be added or removed, contracted or expanded, or moved to a new location with relative ease. Graphics and text (either still or in motion) can be added, as well as music or voice-over or other sound resources. Many options are available to the client for telling their story, and the editing process continues until the client is satisfied with the way the story is told.


Videosyncracy’s production work normally ends with the editing process, the output of the final product, and its delivery to the client. However, the life of the video itself carries on into the distribution activities of the client, and Videosyncracy can be involved in some of these activities as well. We have often delivered a finished video to clients on DVD, and they have distributed copies of this Master DVD to their intended audience. We have also processed finished programs for streaming or download on the Internet and then put them on video-sharing sites, so that clients could give links to their audience for viewing the program.


These notes about the elements of video production give just a few snapshots of the work that Videosyncracy specializes in, and we would be happy to talk with you in detail about your particular project and how we might use these elements to help you complete it.

Videographer: Terry Lamb,, 510-684-4982